Vatican Quashes ‘Fake News’ of Pope Benedict Death

Vatican Quashes ‘Fake News’ of Pope Benedict Death

Vatican Quashes ‘Fake News’ of Pope Benedict Death

Pope Emeritus did not have a stroke and is not dead

The Vatican’s Press Office confirmed on Tuesday that Pope Benedict XVI did not have a stroke and is certainly not dead.[/tweetit] The confirmation follows rumors which were going around on social media platforms that the Pope Emeritus had gone through “mild ischemia,” which is a type of stroke.

Vatican Quashes ‘Fake News’ of Pope Benedict Death[/tweetthis]

The rumors were confirmed to be false to the Catholic Herald on Tuesday. The reports were called “fake news” by the Archbishop and Pope Benedict’s personal secretary Georg Gänswein.

There have been several occasions over the years which have prompted Vatican officials to put an end to similar rumors. In April an 18-page article by the Pope Emeritus on the sex abuse crisis was followed by its authorship authenticity. Observers claimed that he could not have written the document because of his “failing health.” Several people were even questioning his mental health in addition to his physical health. This speculation wasn’t born from any grounding in reality.

The 92-year-old Pope is quite advanced in his years. However, he has continued to live a reclusive and active life in the Vatican since his 2013 resignation. Benedict is first in 600 years to resign from the papacy. His declaration on resigning the papacy highlighted his advanced years in addition to his failing strength of body and mind. Pope Benedict explained that his failing strength left him ill-equipped for the duties required of the modern papacy.

While people are worried about Benedict’s health, as of right now, he is alive and well.


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