The Hollywood Sign

A Retired Hollywood Executive’s Mission to Promote Religious Literacy on the Big Screen Promises to Change How Film Professionals Approach Spiritual Themes

Widely considered the hub of global entertainment, Hollywood exerts a powerful influence on people’s worldviews by helping shape their cultural norms, values and beliefs

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld Acknowledges Enrollment in ‘Very Helpful’ Scientology Course

Tom Cruise. John Travolta. Kristie Alley. Anne Archer. Giovanni Ribisi. There is no dearth of celebrities in showbiz who owe a debt to Scientology

Christian Music Charts

And Topping iTunes’ Christian Music Charts Is—Drum Roll—Drag Queen Flamy Grant!

“These are truly the last days,” groused worship leader and Christian music icon, Sean Feucht, on social media. The subject of his ire: the

The Chosen

Jonathan Roumie Uses His Stardom to Spread the Gospel

Jonathan Roumie, the actor who plays Jesus in The Chosen, the popular television series billed as the largest crowd-funded media project in history, has been busy making

Bono, Lead Singer of U2

Bono—One Of “The People of the Open Hand”

We are the people we’ve been waiting forOut of the ruins of hate and warArmy of lovers never seen beforeWe are the people we’ve

Christianity and Scientology Big Game ads

World Religions of Christianity and Scientology Partake In The “Holy Rite” of Super Bowl LXVII

Once a year a large religious event occurs in this country. It is a religious event because it brings people of all cultures together

Leo Frank

The Story of Leo Frank Returns to Broadway

The 1998 Tony award-winning musical Parade is heading back to Broadway. The show depicts the story of Leo Frank, a Jewish factory manager who

Religious Revolution

On February 24, the new movie Jesus Revolution will be released in theaters. Taking place in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the film


Equality at Your Public Library

Kirk Cameron rose to fame as a young actor on the hit TV show Growing Pains. He took to religion while a teenage actor

Stuart Murdoch

Stuart Murdoch Has Experienced Faith

Stuart Murdoch with his latest album with Belle & Sebastian, A Bit of Previous, has got people talking about his complicated relationship with Christianity,