Woman in Sandstorm In Sudan

Sudan Sentences a Woman To Be Stoned to Death Based on Islamic Law

On June 26 in Sudan, Maryam Alsyed Tiyrab was convicted and sentenced to execution by stoning on a charge of adultery, a violation of

Pope Francis Assigned the First African-American Bishop to Head the D.C. Church

Profiles in Faith: Wilton Cardinal Gregory: First African American Cardinal Advocates for Ethics and Inclusiveness

Introduction In October 2020, when Pope Francis announced his selection of 13 new cardinals from eight countries as diverse as Rwanda, Chile, Brunei and

Religious Overreaches Could Backfire by Charles Franklin

It’s an old story: A business like Enron or Pfizer goes flat out for profit, ethics and the law be damned and boom! Enron

Prison Cell

Religion’s Role in the Wild West of Immorality and Irresponsibility by Charles Franklin

Right conduct is a spectrum of action. For many people justice is the most important point on the spectrum. Justice is the society taking

Politics, Religion and the Principled Life

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch,” said Benjamin Franklin. Democracies had failed in the past, blown

Tennessee Plans to Limit the Teaching of Islam in Schools

Districts Deceiving Parents: Parents CAN Opt Out of Comprehensive Sexual Education

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct. 17, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Many of California's school districts are currently deceiving parents about their rights under the law. Contrary to what

International Religious Freedom Roundtable Letter to Donald Trump, Oct 1 2019,. Pg 1

International Religious Freedom Roundtable Letter for Donald Trump

International Religious Freedom Roundtable October 11, 2019 The Honorable Donald Trump The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20500 Re: Do Not

On A Petition And A Prayer

On A Prayer and a Petition

“What exactly happened, and what gave you the strength to fight your case, Mr. Salve?” I asked. “Your job as an English teacher was

Why The Catholic Church Needs a #METOO Moment

Why The Catholic Church Needs a #METOO Moment

Needs to Facilitate Discussion To Battle History of Abuse The recent news that Casey Affleck has withdrawn as an Academy Awards presenter over accusations

God, Breasts, and College: An Intersection of Contradictions

Breasts, God, and College: An Intersection of Contradictions

How Does God Feel About Ogling? If you have never heard of the Hooters restaurant chain, it is where sub-par food and overt sexual