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Alleged Conversion of Muslim Girl to Christianity by Her…

Referred to as “B.D.” in court filings to protect her identity, a teenage Muslim girl converted to Christianity Read More

Religious public schools

Oklahoma: Both Sides Cite Religious Freedom in Ongoing Legal…

It began in May of this year when Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill into law that Read More

Religion is good for you

According to Gallup, Religion Is Good For You

A recent Gallup study, based on 10 years of data, indicates that religious people globally are more positive, Read More

State and Church separation

A “Sea Change For American Democracy?” – Battle Lines…

It violates Oklahoma state law and Oklahoma’s constitution which forbids the use of taxpayer funds or property from Read More

Unity in the Community at the Hollywood Faith and Blue Festival 2023

Unity in the Hollywood Community Under the Banner of…

The Los Angeles Police Department, local churches, and scores of community partners joined forces in an afternoon and evening Read More

Protestant Sermon

Despite The Plummeting Importance of Religion in the Lives…

The answer to the question, “Is religion the most important thing in your life?” is meeting with an Read More

Starfield Game

Starfield—A Video Game Where Religion and Moral Choices Take…

Deep space adventure! Thrills! Quests! Space pirates! Religion! Religion? Yes, in the new video game Starfield, players, amid Read More

So When Does Life Begin?

So When DOES Life Begin?

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was honestly puzzled. Mississippi’s solicitor general, Scott Stewart, had insisted that his state Read More

Martin Luther King Day

“I Have A Dream” 60 Years Later – Martin…

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln, with a stroke of the pen, signed the document that signaled the beginning Read More

Orthodox Church in Ukraine

Ukrainian Churches, Asserting Freedom From Russian Influence Switch Calendars

The Russian Orthodox Church began centuries ago in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine; but now, with that capital, Read More