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Religious News From Around the Web January 10, 2022

“Global Respect Act” Disrespects Religious Liberty; Christians Win in European Court of Human Rights; Chinese Communists “Walk in Footsteps of Taliban”; To Forward a

Religious News From Around the Web January 3, 2022

A Sense of the Sacred; 'Prisoner of Hope, Archbishop Desmond Tutu Passes; Religious Scholars on Death and Faith; Alien Contact? NASA Asks Religious Scholars

Watch Dalai Lama Impersonate Donald Trump

Religious News From Around the Web December 20, 2021

Pope Reemphasizes Opposition to Latin Mass; Ninth Circuit Clears Expulsions of Seminarians in Same-Sex Marriages; Gorsuch Cites Religious Liberty As Supreme Court Allows New

Religious News From Around the Web November 1, 2021

President Biden “a Good Catholic” Says Pope Francis; Buddhist Reality and Freedom From Illusion; Ásatrú, Viking Religion on Rise in Iceland; Religious Exemption to

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How Does Apple Enforce Communist Party Religious Censorship in China?

Apple has just removed several religious apps from the App Store of China, a move denying millions what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) say

Religious News From Around the Web September 13, 2021

Religious Artisans Find Inspiration in Faith From stained-glass to calligraphy, art has always contributed to religious traditions. Forbidden images, illuminated manuscripts and even maps

Atheists We Are Launches Monthly News Blog

Atheists We Are -- launched by Lauren Ell last month -- is a new organization focused on showcasing atheist organizations, individuals and news. Ell

WRN News From the Web: Mosque Shelters Students, Atheists Not Church, US Sanctions China over Uighurs, Rohingyas Denied Education, Dublin’s Covert Church, Iran Suppressing Bahá’ís, SMU Minus Methodist?, African Churches Use Scientology

Wisconsin Students Shelter in Mosque During School Attack About 100 high school students sheltered in a mosque across the street from their Oshkosh West

Holiday Gift Ideas Across Various Religions, By Alexandra Rogers

There is much to dislike about the secular holiday season. In many cases, gifting now has the burden of obligation, of a required ritual,

New Survey Shows Evangelicals are the Least Trusted Religious Group in New Zealand

Study Shows Evangelicals are the Least Trusted Religious Group in New Zealand

World events and recent local events in New Zealand likely affected the outcome A new survey released by the Institute for Governance and Policy