Isreali and Palestinian flags at pro-Palestinian protest

Study: College Campuses Were Far Safer for Jewish Students Pre-October 7

Jewish college students feel less safe on campus now than they did prior to the October 7 Hamas attacks on Israel by a large

Priest in Union

May Trans People Be Baptized? Yes, Says Catholic Church. But…

Vatican doctrine permits the baptism of transgender people and allows them as well to serve as witnesses at Catholic weddings, according to a recently

Visit Saint Porphyrius Church with Orthodox Bishop Alexis in Gaza

Christian Presence in Peril: Displacement and Harassment in the Holy Land

As the Israeli military advances further into Gaza City to eliminate Hamas, concerns are rising about the potential disappearance of Christians in the area

Israel protest against terror

“There Are Times That History Shows You An Invitation” – Nearly 300,000 in DC Rally Against Antisemitism

“I love you guys.” “I’m sorry.” Those were the last two texts Rachel Goldberg received from her 23-year-old son, Hersh, before he went silent,

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Are Antisemitic Attacks Soaring Due to Media Influence?

Hatred of Jews accounted for 68 percent of all hate crimes in New York City in October, and in Los Angeles nearly 85 percent

Statue of Jesus in Makale Indonesia

Indonesia to Indigenize the Arabic Name for ‘Jesus Christ’

Come 2024, the world’s most populous Muslim country—Indonesia— will stop using the Arabic term for Jesus Christ when referring to Christian holidays and will

Islamophobia protests

White House Unveils National Plan to Address Islamophobia

The White House announced November 1 that the administration of President Joe Biden will formulate a nationwide strategy to address and combat Islamophobia. Called

Shabbat Celebrations

Empty Shabbat Chairs Mark Commitment to Hostages Taken by Hamas

On a Friday night late last month, an unusual Sabbath evening meal was set near the Lincoln Memorial. No food was served and no

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Istanbul’s First New Church in Over a Century Sparks Joy Along With Calls for More Respect for Minority Religions

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said of it, “The church we have built is a symbol of freedom of religion and belief in our

Pope Francis

Pope Francis Calls For Catholic Church Theologians to Embrace a Deeper Connection With the Challenges of Daily Life

Pope Francis is encouraging Catholic theologians to better understand the concerns of everyday individuals and he advocates for open dialogues with both non-believers and