Orthodox Jews

Ultra-Orthodox Demonstrators Disrupt Traffic in Opposition to Israeli Military Conscription

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews blocked roads in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv on September 13 to protest the arrest of a Talmudic student accused of

Jewish High Holiday

Jewish Leaders Introduce ‘High Holidays’ Security Vigilance Amid Rising Antisemitism

With Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur—the most significant celebrations on the Hebrew calendar—Jewish religious leaders and security experts geared up to address potential security

Biblical Institute of Rome

Research Confirms Sheltering of Jews in Catholic Convents During Nazi Occupation of Rome

Newly uncovered documentation reveals that Catholic convents and monastic communities in Rome provided refuge to numerous people, including more than 3,200 Jews, throughout the

The Seven Steps, the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem

Worries Mount in Israel Amid Anti-Christian Attacks

From acts of spitting and vandalism to instances of assault, numerous attacks have occurred this year targeting Christians in Israel and their sacred sites,

Tree of Life memorial

Death Sentence of Pittsburgh Shooter Met with Relief, Prayers and a Wish for Closure

Nearly five years after the deadliest antisemitic attack in the nation’s history, the individual found guilty has been sentenced to death. For the survivors,


There Are No Antisemites In America!

Great news! THERE ARE NO ANTISEMITES IN AMERICA!!! The newly added U.S. Census question: “Are you an antisemite?”  received absolutely zero Yesses!!  It marked the

Harold Kushner

“Faithfully Yours, Harold Kushner”—When Bad Things Happen to Good People Author Leaves a Legacy of Faith and Reassurance

Rabbi Harold Kushner’s faith was shaken. His 14-year-old son, Aaron, suffered and ultimately died from a rare condition known as progeria—rapid aging. Aaron was

Tops supermarket, Jefferson Avenue, Buffalo, New York

Communities Are Dialing 911—Shall We Answer or Let It Go to Voicemail? Buffalo and “The Great Replacement Theory” Revisited

On May 14, 2022, Latisha, an assistant office manager at the Jefferson Avenue Tops Supermarket in Buffalo, New York, tried to make herself invisible.

Douglas Emhoff

America’s Second Gentleman Takes A Journey to His Roots to Remember—And to Heal

Second Gentleman, Doug Emhoff, took a journey back to his roots on an expedition that opened old wounds as well as some pathways to

Posters on the window of a coffee shop on Murray Avenue at Squirrel Hill, in response to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

“Our Kids Are Suffering”—Preparedness Saves Synagogue From Tragedy

In Pittsburgh, in Poway, in Colleyville the story was the same: a synagogue is attacked and its community put in fear and on guard.