Orthodox Jews

Ultra-Orthodox Demonstrators Disrupt Traffic in Opposition to Israeli Military…

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews blocked roads in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv on September 13 to protest the arrest Read More

The Seven Steps, the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem

Worries Mount in Israel Amid Anti-Christian Attacks

From acts of spitting and vandalism to instances of assault, numerous attacks have occurred this year targeting Christians Read More

Buddha statue, Nha Trang

Burma’s Military Unveils Massive Buddha Statue in Bid to…

Amid the ongoing civil war in Burma (Myanmar) and what UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has described as the Read More

Trocadero, London © Wikimedia Commons

Muslim Billionaire Plans to Construct Mosque in London’s Entertainment…

To advance religious diversity and inclusiveness, a Muslim billionaire plans to construct a three-story mosque in a bustling Read More

10 Biggest Controversial Religious Sites

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Former Priest Says to Save The Church It Must ‘Abolish the Priesthood’

6 Types of Unique Garments Explained

Six Religions that have distinguishing dress codes and the symbolism behind them. It is quite difficult to identify Read More

New Theory on the Yazilikaya Stone Carvings

New Theory on the Yazilikaya Stone Carvings

Archeologists believe they figured out what the 3,200 rock carvings represents It is a human tendency to look Read More

Religion in Canada

Religion in Canada

7 facts about religion in Canada Canada is the hub of cultural diversity and religions. Each of this Read More


Transhumanism: Path to be Godlike or Ignore God’s Plan?

Transhumanism belief that by means of Science and Technology humans can evolve beyond its current physical and mental Read More

Background Check Services for Churches

Background Check Services for Churches

Most churches use the national sex offender registry Close to a third of Southern Baptist churches have joined Read More