Wonderful statue of Shiva and Sarvati (Image by Erik Törner, Creative Commons 2.0)

Stolen Hindu Artifacts Return Home as Nepal Celebrates Repatriation Efforts

Call it the return of the deities. After being stolen and smuggled overseas for years, dozens of statues depicting Nepal’s revered gods and goddesses

Houses of Worship: A Dream of Faith, Thailand’s White Temple—Wat Rong Khun

Thailand is home to the second largest population of Buddhists in the world, with some 64 millions Buddhists and 41,000 temples. Buddhism came to

Religious News From Around the Web September 13, 2021

Religious Artisans Find Inspiration in Faith From stained-glass to calligraphy, art has always contributed to religious traditions. Forbidden images, illuminated manuscripts and even maps

New Theory on the Yazilikaya Stone Carvings

New Theory on the Yazilikaya Stone Carvings

Archeologists believe they figured out what the 3,200 rock carvings represents It is a human tendency to look up for the things which are

Sharon Kim

God answers prayers, just not in the way we expect

Featured Contributor Sharon Kim shares a doodle on God's method of answering prayers. Me: “God allow me to be more patient.” Expected Answer: Miraculous

Sharon Kim Interview

A Candid Conversation with Sharon Kim, Christian Instagrammer and Creator of CanPlan

Get to know the inspiring woman behind the CanPlan project, Sharon Kim. Every once in a while, the WRN staff comes across featured contributors

Sharon Kim

Improving Your Mental Health: How to Get Centered

Featured Contributor Sharon Kim shows how to get to the root of negative self talk. Sometimes the key to getting centered is re-evaluating what's

Sharon Kim

Let Go of Heavy Expectations to See Where God Leads You

Featured Contributor Sharon Kim on expectations and faith's journey. Man, I’ve been feeling the weight of my expectations a lot in my relationship with

Sharon Kim

The Battle to Give Up Short Term Desires for Long Term Promises

In order to see someone’s true character, you need to see how they live when the lights are off. I honestly think that in

Jim Carrey Paints Trump Nailing Christ to the Cross

Jim Carrey Paints Trump Nailing Christ to the Cross

The Oscar-nominated actor frequently attacks the GOP Canadian born Hollywood actor, Jim Carrey carried out an art attack on President Donald J. Trump of