Sharon Kim

Let Go of Heavy Expectations to See Where God Leads You

Sharon Kim

Featured Contributor Sharon Kim on expectations and faith’s journey.

Man, I’ve been feeling the weight of my expectations a lot in my relationship with God recently. I’m always subconsciously placing expectations on my prayers, setting boundaries on the way I allow him to move in my life, and getting disappointed whenever he decides to take a detour. Or whenever he doesn’t show up in the way my expectations envisioned him to. And I was just reflecting on why my heart has felt so heavy the last few weeks, when I came to the revelation that I was far from operating out of faith. I was carrying around this big box full of expectations and my heart was breaking from the weight of it. I was allowing my small understanding of an infinite God, to crowd my senses and dictate my emotions.


Because faith doesn’t get disappointed about the detours or the minor details. Faith knows that if we get caught up in those things, it’ll eventually lead to heart break. Instead, faith focuses on the goodness of the father, and trusts that the joy of life doesn’t come from what we get, but rather who we become in the process. And imagine how much lighter our lives would feel just from putting down the heavy load of expectations and picking up a mustard seed of faith. Imagine how much more moveable the mountain would seem if we just trusted the words of a very wise man and moved forward traveling lightly ☺️


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