Religious News From Around the Web August 31, 2020

Politics, Religion Confers Immunity from Moral Stupidity, Black Lives Matter Opposed, Xi Ramps Up “Sinicization” of Tibet, In-Person Worship Safe With Precautions, World's largest

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Faith Moves More Than Mountains: How the Church of Latter-day Saints Inspired a Tech Revolution by T. Riggs Eckelberry

In tech circles, we tend to hand out to others the books that impress us. I once did that with a book called Focus,

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Identity and Religion: The War Against the Spirit

Who are you? What is your identity? Are you your name, your family, your car, your bank account, the language you speak or the

Hillsong’s Marty Sampson is Losing His Faith

Hillsong Church’s Marty Sampson’s Faith is Slipping as Songwriter Questions Religion in Instagram Post

"I am so happy now, so at peace with the world," says Marty Sampson, songwriter for Hillsong Church. Infamous worship music writer Marty Sampson

Christian Relationship Guide Author Has Renounced His Faith

Christian Relationship Guide Author Has Renounced His Faith

Joshua Harris announced his divorce and apologizes to the LGBT+ community Author who has released a bestselling book to guide Christians with their relationships

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What Faith in Our Schools Really Means

Separation of church and state doesn’t mean we have to divorce our faith from our day-to-day lives.- Wil Seabrook, STAND blogger I have a

Is the statement, “I’ve been a Christian my whole life” a lie?

Is the Statement, “I’ve Been a Christian My Whole Life” a Lie?

You haven't always been a Christian, but you have always been in need of Christ. If you've been around church culture for any length

Abraham Lincoln Bible Offers New Clues Into His Faith

Abraham Lincoln Bible Offers New Clues About His Faith

One of the six Bibles owned by President Lincoln President Trump and former President Barack Obama both took the oath of office with their

What Factor Did Faith Bring During The Women's Suffrage Movement?

What Factor Did Faith Bring During The Women’s Suffrage Movement?

Catholics, Methodists, and Presbyterians were divided One hundred years ago this week, Congress passed the 19th constitutional Amendment that gave American women the right

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s Strong Relationship with God

The Duchess of Sussex has always maintained a close relationship with God When it comes to opening up about faith, Meghan Markle is the