Abraham Lincoln Bible Offers New Clues Into His Faith

Abraham Lincoln Bible Offers New Clues About His Faith

Abraham Lincoln Bible Offers New Clues Into His Faith

One of the six Bibles owned by President Lincoln

President Trump and former President Barack Obama both took the oath of office with their hands on one of Abraham Lincoln’s Bibles. 150 years after Abraham Lincoln’s death, another of his old Bibles has resurfaced.[/tweetit] The Bible reveals a lot about Lincoln’s faith during the final years of his life.

Abraham Lincoln Bible Offers New Clues About His Faith[/tweetthis]

Known as the “village atheist” when he was a young lad. However, this didn’t stop him from giving religious speeches throughout his time as President.

This Bible is one of the six Bibles owned by President Lincoln. The cover of the Bible has the words “to Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States,” from “the Ladies of the Citizens Volunteer Hospital of Philadelphia” engraved.

When the President died, Mary Todd Lincoln, his widow, gave the Bible away to Rev. Noyes Miner. Rev. Miner was a family friend, neighbor, and Baptist minister.

The Miner family kept the Bible for a long time. Recently, they donated the Bible to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Museum.

Alan Lowe, executive director of the Lincoln museum, said that the Bible reveals plenty about the former President’s views on religion and faith.

Lincoln openly questioned the truth of Scripture going so far to say that God in 1861 and 1862 was the Union, not Jehovah

1862 was when Lincoln’s life changed. The war wasn’t looking favorable for the Union. Both the Yankee and the Confederate press weren’t speaking too kindly about him. Furthermore, his son Willie died quite suddenly. All of these things drove Lincoln to his knees repeatedly, which made him seek solace in the Bible and finally embrace Christ. Lincoln wrote to a friend that his “wisdom seemed insufficient.” He went on to say that he was driven to his knees many times when he had nowhere else to go

After Lincoln received the Bible, he called it the “best gift God has given to man.” He went on to say that without it, he wouldn’t be able to tell right from wrong. He said that everything most desirable for man’s welfare can be found portrayed in the book.

Miner wrote that Lincoln believed in the Sacred Scriptures and the overwhelming Providence of God.


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