Religious News From Around the Web June 8, 2020

Polls: Policy Decisions Forcing Religion's Decline in U.S., Religious freedom and Public Health, Racism a "spiritual virus," Tulsi Gabbard Addresses Hindu Commencement, Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Bible Offers New Clues Into His Faith

Abraham Lincoln Bible Offers New Clues About His Faith

One of the six Bibles owned by President Lincoln President Trump and former President Barack Obama both took the oath of office with their

Southern Baptist Seminary Report Laments Founders Racism and Slaveholding

Southern Baptist Seminary Report Laments Founders’ Racism and Slaveholding

The seminary apologized for its past as late as 1995. The Southern Baptist Convention released a brutal, unnerving report delineating the second biggest U.S.

ARC of the Covenant: Thoughts From The American Radical Center

The Ark of the Covenant is licensed under CC BY 2.0 If we, in America's 2017, want to talk about covenants, this should be

Nearly Every U.S. President Has Been Christian

Most presidents have been from the Episcopalian or Presbyterian churches. America’s new president Donald Trump is the nation’s ninth Presbyterian president. The nation has

Donald Trump Will be Sworn in on Two Bibles

Trump to be sworn in on both his childhood Bible and Abraham Lincoln's bible. President-elect Donald Trump will be taking his presidential oaths on

LDS Church Releases Journal of 19th-Century Mormon Leader George Q. Cannon

Church Historian’s Press has released all volumes of Mormon Leader George Q. Cannon’s Journal online. According to the director of publications for the LDS

Examining the Religious Traditions of All 44 U.S. Presidents

Pew Research Center has compiled a list of the religions of U.S. Presidents throughout history. The U.S. Constitution has expressly forbidden any religious requirement

Presidents And Religion

The Religious Influence on American Presidents

It is no secret that America's presidents have been predominantly Christian, but how religious have all of the presidents been? While they ran the Oval Office