Visit Saint Porphyrius Church with Orthodox Bishop Alexis in Gaza

Christian Presence in Peril: Displacement and Harassment in the Holy Land

As the Israeli military advances further into Gaza City to eliminate Hamas, concerns are rising about the potential disappearance of Christians in the area

Statue of Jesus in Makale Indonesia

Indonesia to Indigenize the Arabic Name for ‘Jesus Christ’

Come 2024, the world’s most populous Muslim country—Indonesia— will stop using the Arabic term for Jesus Christ when referring to Christian holidays and will

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Istanbul’s First New Church in Over a Century Sparks Joy Along With Calls for More Respect for Minority Religions

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said of it, “The church we have built is a symbol of freedom of religion and belief in our

Pope Francis

Pope Francis Calls For Catholic Church Theologians to Embrace a Deeper Connection With the Challenges of Daily Life

Pope Francis is encouraging Catholic theologians to better understand the concerns of everyday individuals and he advocates for open dialogues with both non-believers and

Church of St. Michael

British Christian Organization Launches Online Survey to Gauge Religious Exclusion Levels

Amid rising worries about an increasing number of reports detailing intolerance and bias encountered by Christians in the United Kingdom in recent years, a

St. Nektarios

How a TV Personality’s Faith Helped Her Overcome Her Health Challenges

American television talk show host Maria Menounos recently shared details about her newborn daughter, her intentions to raise her family within the Greek Orthodox

Stand up for religious freedom

Lawsuit Over Revival Assembly Prompts West Virginia School District to Require Religious Freedom Training

A West Virginia school district has implemented a policy requiring annual training on religious freedom as a stipulation in a lawsuit settlement following a

yoga and spirituality

A Glimpse Into America’s Post-Christian Spiritual Landscape

As Americans become less affiliated with formal religion, the landscape of spirituality in the country is undergoing some peculiar transformations, according to speakers at

Vatican City

Vatican Summit Addresses the Question of Women’s Ordination in the Future of Catholicism

Conversations about the inclusion of women in the priesthood have gained momentum as the Synod on Synodality, Pope Francis’s month-long conference aimed at addressing

The Chosen — Jesus at wedding

Convention Commemorates Triumph of ‘The Chosen,’ TV Series Centered on Jesus

Thousands of fans from around the world gathered over the October 14-15 weekend for a conference in Dallas, Texas, to celebrate The Chosen, the