John P. Meier

John P. Meier United History and Faith and Brought Forth Ecumenical Understanding

OK, so a Catholic, a Protestant, a Jew, a Muslim and an agnostic are locked in a basement… No, it’s not the beginning of

Is Climate Change Simply God’s Will? These Evangelicals Believe Humans Do Have Accountability and Should Do Something About It

Plagues, floods, famine—these are all manifestations of God’s will. So why shouldn’t climate change—if that’s indeed what it is—be any different? The National Association

Yoido Full Gospel Church

Houses of Worship: Yoido Full Gospel Church

Seoul, the capital of South Korea or the “Great People's Nation” as its name translates in English, is home to almost 10 million people

Trinity Church Wall Street

Houses of Worship: Trinity Church Wall Street

The Trinity Church received its charter from King William III in 1697, establishing its rules, the boundaries of the first land grant and the

The Chosen - S3 BTS still - Director Dallas Jenkins and Jesus discuss scene in synagogue

The Chosen Begins the Next Chapter

Telling stories is one of the oldest traditions known to man, if it is not itself the basis of tradition. How one tells a

An Arabic-Language "In God We Trust" Sign

Texas School District Enforces “In God We Trust” But Whose God, And Who’s We?

The spotlight never dims on Texas. Earlier this year a school district banned an Anne Frank adaptation, and now under a new state law,

Montell Fish, “Talk 2 Me”

Christian Singer Songwriter Montell Fish Does It Different with JAMIE

Montell Fish, a Christian musician who made his way into the spotlight with a prolific YouTube video career, has released his latest album JAMIE. 

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth: A Friend To All Faiths

Of her rich and immense legacy, not the least of Queen Elizabeth’s sterling attributes was her tolerance, encouragement, and impassioned pleas on behalf of

Fatebenefratelli Hospital

Syndrome K: Ray Liotta Narrates Stephen Edwards’ Documentary About Three Doctors Whose Manufactured “Fatal Disease” Saved Jewish Lives

The best voice-over in film history is Ray Liotta’s 16-minute opening to Goodfellas. Understated, earnest, almost reassuring, it entices the viewer into a world of

2021 - Storming of the United States Capitol (CC BY 2.0)

Is America a Christian Nation?

And Jesus said to them, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” – Mark 12:17