The Chosen - S3 BTS still - Director Dallas Jenkins and Jesus discuss scene in synagogue

The Chosen Begins the Next Chapter

Telling stories is one of the oldest traditions known to man, if it is not itself the basis of tradition. How one tells a

Fatebenefratelli Hospital

Syndrome K: Ray Liotta Narrates Stephen Edwards’ Documentary About Three Doctors Whose Manufactured “Fatal Disease” Saved Jewish Lives

The best voice-over in film history is Ray Liotta’s 16-minute opening to Goodfellas. Understated, earnest, almost reassuring, it entices the viewer into a world of

New Faith-Based Documentary Series Jeen‑Yuhs on Kanye West

Netflix has released Jeen-Yuhs, a faith-based documentary series on the career of musician Kanye West. The series covers his life and career beginning in

Father Stu

Catholic Actor Mark Wahlberg Stars in Biopic of Boxer Turned Priest in Father Stu

Mark Wahlberg has just released the trailer for his first faith-based film about the harrowing life of Father Stuart Long (Father Stu). The film

Movie Review: The Two Popes (two reviews)

The Two Popes - Netflix Starring: Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce Director: Fernando Meirelles Review By Charlotte Odenson Inspired by true events, this beautifully

Documentary Showcase on Scientology Network Draws Back Curtain on World of Child Sex Trafficking by Rebecca Blair

The documentary featured on this week’s Scientology Network Documentary Showcase December 6 at 8 p.m. is Operation Toussaint, a film that reveals the stark

Movie Commentary: Harriet

Harriet Tubman – one of the most famous civilians prior to the Civil War – is today equated with the abolitionist movement in the

Feature-Length VR Movie of Jesus’ '7 Miracles'

Feature-Length VR Movie of Jesus’ ‘7 Miracles’

HTC Vive Studios Releases Its First Feature-Length 360° Immersive Virtual Reality Movie Technology is evolving so fast that it's hard to keep up and

Poland Increases Jail Terms for Pedophiles

Poland Increases Jail Terms for Pedophiles

Both the Polish PM and head of Poland's Roman Catholic church have expressed regrets Convicted pedophiles in Poland can now be sent to jail

'Satan Is Real,' Film About Christian Country Music Duo Louvin Brothers

‘Satan Is Real,’ Film About Christian Country Music Duo Louvin Brothers

The film is a part biopic about the Louvin Brothers and their tempestuous personal relationship Hollywood actor Ethan Hawke will team up with his