Greek Court Rules Against Exemptions From Religious Classes for Orthodox Students

Greek Court Rules against Exemptions from Religious Classes for Orthodox Students

A top administrative court in Greece has ruled that school students who follow the Greek Orthodox Christian faith are not eligible for exemptions from

Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception - Denver, CO

Denver Archdiocese Files Lawsuit Over Catholic Preschool Program’s LGBTQ Exclusion

The Archdiocese of Denver and a pair of Catholic parishes have filed a lawsuit against Colorado, contending that they have been unfairly barred from

Animals’ rights

Princeton Philosopher Compiles Progress in Animal Rights in Updated Edition of Seminal Book

Nearly half a century after he helped raise global awareness about animal welfare and inspired the animal rights movement with the publication of his

Biblical Institute of Rome

Research Confirms Sheltering of Jews in Catholic Convents During Nazi Occupation of Rome

Newly uncovered documentation reveals that Catholic convents and monastic communities in Rome provided refuge to numerous people, including more than 3,200 Jews, throughout the

Pope Francis in Mongolia

Pope Francis Unites with Religious Leaders in Mongolia to Advocate for Peaceful Coexistence

During the first papal visit to Mongolia, Pope Francis held an interfaith gathering with representatives from 11 diverse faiths as he sent a message

United States Supreme Court

Coach Who Lost Job for On-Field Prayer Takes a Knee Once More After Years of Legal Struggles

A high school football assistant coach who had been dismissed for quietly offering a brief prayer following football games has returned to the field

Flag of Pakistan

Crowds Assault Churches in Pakistan Following Allegations of Quran Desecration

Hundreds of men attacked Christian communities and torched churches in a town in Pakistan on August 16 following accusations against two Christians of desecrating

The Seven Steps, the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem

Worries Mount in Israel Amid Anti-Christian Attacks

From acts of spitting and vandalism to instances of assault, numerous attacks have occurred this year targeting Christians in Israel and their sacred sites,

Christian Music Charts

And Topping iTunes’ Christian Music Charts Is—Drum Roll—Drag Queen Flamy Grant!

“These are truly the last days,” groused worship leader and Christian music icon, Sean Feucht, on social media. The subject of his ire: the

Orthodox Church in Ukraine

Ukrainian Churches, Asserting Freedom From Russian Influence Switch Calendars

The Russian Orthodox Church began centuries ago in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine; but now, with that capital, as well as Ukraine itself, under