There are now 4 Different YOUVERSION Reading Plans for '9 Common Lies Christians Believe'!

There are now 4 Different YOUVERSION Reading Plans for…

By Shane Pruitt @shane_pruitt78 Hi friend. Exciting news!!! There are now four different YouVersion reading plans for 9 Read More

Is the statement, “I’ve been a Christian my whole life” a lie?

Is the Statement, “I’ve Been a Christian My Whole…

You haven't always been a Christian, but you have always been in need of Christ. If you've been Read More

Why do some people love Jesus, but don’t like…

Left to our natural devices, we don’t want to be created in God’s image; we want him to Read More

Shane Pruitt Back to School

How To Pray For Your Children As They Go…

A Supply List of Back-to-School Prayers We have five children, but only two that are “school-age.” Raygen is Read More

Millennials Don't Exist

According to the Bible, There is No Such thing…

"In the Kingdom of God, there is no such thing as a Millennial." Many of my friends, colleagues, Read More

When Someone Dies, Does God Gain Another Angel?

Do you become an angel in the afterlife? I stood behind a podium in the funeral home staring Read More

3 Ways to Respond to Criticism

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5 Things That I Would Tell My High School…

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Why Joy Is > Than Happiness

Joy is incredible gift from God, and often we miss it because we're too busy pursuing happiness. Over Read More

The Most Hypocritical Hour of the Week

Somewhere between leaving church and arriving at lunch, we lose the intentionality of being witnesses for our great Read More