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Meghan Markle’s Strong Relationship with God

Meghan Markle's Faith

The Duchess of Sussex has always maintained a close relationship with God

When it comes to opening up about faith, Meghan Markle is the kind of person who likes to remain private. Despite not talking about it freely, the world should know that religion has a huge role role to play in her life.

Meghan Markle’s Strong Relationship with God[/tweetthis]

Her friends started to speak about her private life, giving deeper insight on how she goes on about her day, after marrying into the Royal Family. One of her close friends stated that Meghan has always maintained a close relationship with God. Thanks to her belief in the Supreme Being, she has been able to cope with the lifestyle of the Royals.

According to her friend, Meghan prays and meditates together with her pals. Her relationship with God has always been strong throughout her life. The Duchess of Sussex gets her guidance from humility and gratitude.

Meghan’s pal also came out to speak about the outrageous claims that she wanted someone to spray St. George’s Chapel with air freshener before her wedding ceremony. She stated the Duchess of Sussex is very serious when it comes to God. She understands what is in and out of her control, and chooses to lead her life accordingly.

Her friend talked about an interesting aspect of the role of God in today’s world. She stated that it is always possible for women to be modern and strong, while still giving utmost importance to their relationship with the Supreme Being.

The reason why Meghan is a firm believer in God is due to how much support she received from God, through all the ups and downs. When her friends are having a bad day, they can meet each other, have lunch, or go shopping. However, Meghan is unable to indulge in these activities as she has to lead a different lifestyle. When she is facing difficulties, she has to look deep inside herself to find solutions. For a lot of individuals, this is challenging, as it is easier to seek external sources of happiness.

Meghan has utmost respect when it comes to the Queen, as she is the Church of England’s head. Due to this reason, she chose to undergo baptism and receive confirmation from the Archbishop of Canterbury. Over time, she and Archbishop Justin Welby developed a close relationship.

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