$1 Million Lilly Grant to Billy Graham Center to Help Leaders for Revitalization Through Evangelism

Wheaton College’s Billy Graham Center Receives $1 Million Dollar Grant

The generous grant will bring the Church Evangelism Initiative to life. A $1 million dollar grant has been given to Wheaton College's Billy Graham

Sharon Kim

Let Go of Heavy Expectations to See Where God Leads You

Featured Contributor Sharon Kim on expectations and faith's journey. Man, I’ve been feeling the weight of my expectations a lot in my relationship with

New Study Finds God Makes Religious People Less Depressed

New Study Finds God Makes Religious People Less Depressed

New research shows religious people are less likely to feel isolation than atheists. When people establish social relationships, it has a positive impact on

Barbara Grossman

Bishop Curry is a Refreshing Voice for Relationships Everywhere by Dr. Barbara Grossman

Sharing our vulnerability and hearing the other is how we discover and solve our problems together. Bishop Michael Curry celebrated the power of love

God’s Design for Sex

Author Nancy Houston says our sexuality is a window into our Creator. God designed us as sexual creatures with a purpose in mind. He

Why Religion Matters in Relationships

Spiritual compatibility can result in a better quality of marriage. According to a study done by LifeWay Research, about 59 percent of the adult

XXXChurch on Porn Addicts: God Believes in You, Even If You Suffer From Relapse

Porn relapse: The Lord will always give His guidance. In a recent write up from the XXXchurch, an article about porn addiction and subsequent