Atheist Sworn as the New Prime Minister of Spain

Atheist Sworn in with “Conscience and Honor” as New…

Pedro Sanchez's Socialist party wrested power from the Conservatives Mariano Rajoy, the outgoing Spanish Prime Minister, was succeeded Read More

Naeem Ahmad

Khalifa’s Words of Caution to Save Humanity from Destruction

In this age, we have seen repeatedly wars do not solve anything and cause great harm to both Read More

"In God We Trust" Doesn’t Mean What You Think

In God We Trust, Doesn’t Mean What You Think

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Trump Will Host Ramadan Dinner Tomorrow After Skipping Last Year

Following Years of Anti-Muslim Comments, Trump Will Host Ramadan…

Trump is hosting his first iftar celebration President Donald Trump will be hosting his first iftar dinner at Read More

Crocodile Kills Pastor During Baptism

Crocodile Kills Pastor During Baptism

The Bizarre Death Happened In Ethiopia Crocodiles are one of nature’s perfect killing machines. An apex predator that Read More

Barbara Grossman

Bishop Curry is a Refreshing Voice for Relationships Everywhere…

Sharing our vulnerability and hearing the other is how we discover and solve our problems together. Bishop Michael Read More