Naeem Ahmad

Khalifa’s Words of Caution to Save Humanity from Destruction

Naeem Ahmad

In this age, we have seen repeatedly wars do not solve anything and cause great harm to both sides.

Being a physician, I witness pain caused by disease and disability almost on daily basis and my sole objective is to try to alleviate human suffering.

I am not writing this article as a physician but as a human and a loyal citizen to the United States of America. As humans we have seen bloodshed since time immemorial. Power struggle, Ego and Greed had always been the major driving forces. Parties on either side of the conflict always felt to be on the right path which resulted in never ending wars.

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In old days the ability of humans to cause death and destruction was limited by progress of science. In 21st century however we as humans have made significant advancements in science which on one hand is benefiting humans in all walks of life but on other hand ability to cause harm has increased exponentially. Even weaker nations now have the ability of causing significant damage to their enemies. Advanced conventional and nuclear weapons and “illegal” chemical and biological weapons are hard to stop. All of them cause human death and disability resulting in innumerable sufferings and repeated cycles of violence.

Unfortunately despite making significant progress in science, human emotions of ego and greed are still very much out of control resulting in manifold human sufferings today not witnessed in human history ever before.

Some of the recent events in Middle East have resulted in re-ignition of cold war. Given the above facts this could be the most dangerous event in human history leading to WWIII. Being one of the leading superpowers in the world, a lot of responsibility falls on our shoulders. We can make or break lots of things with our actions or inactions. I strongly feel that we have failed to recognize the potential dangers of re-igniting a cold war with Russia, a nation with highly advanced nuclear capabilities. Our relationship with China is not great either.

In this age, we have seen repeatedly wars do not solve anything and cause great harm to both sides. Even those who thought they are beyond the consequences of wars were proven wrong and ultimately had to pay a big price in one form or another. Nuclear War is not a JOKE. It’s a REALITY now looming on our heads more than ever before. It can result in sufferings beyond imagination.

I humbly request our men and women in power to take this situation very seriously. Only USA has the ability to lead the world out of this crisis and establish long lasting peace. This would be the biggest gift that we as a nation can give to ourselves, our children and the whole humanity i.e. to save humanity from Nuclear War. Unwavering commitment to dialogue, justice and mutual respect is the key to establishing long lasting peace.

In the words of a wise man, His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the Worldwide Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, “If we are to leave behind a legacy of hope for our children, and bequeath a peaceful world to our future generations, we, irrespective of our religion or beliefs, need to urgently change our priorities. Instead of being consumed by materialism and a desire for power, every nation, whether rich or poor, must prioritise the peace and security of the entire world above all else. Instead of embarking on an arms race, leading to death and destruction, we must join the race to save and protect humanity.” (Peace Symposium UK 2018)

He also said during his visit to Canada, “Being cautious does not mean to do nothing. It means that governments should be careful because the world is extremely volatile and so they should not make any policy that can inflame the situation. The key is to act with justice and fairness.”

I hope and pray that we all as humans learn from history and save humanity from another global man made disaster in the form of WWIII.


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