Naeem Ahmad

Khalifa’s Words of Caution to Save Humanity from Destruction

In this age, we have seen repeatedly wars do not solve anything and cause great harm to both sides. Being a physician, I witness

Pat Robertson Said God's Too Busy For Nuclear War

Pat Robertson Said God’s Too Busy For Nuclear War

Televangelist Argues North Korean-United States War Will Not Happen Pat Robertson, the televangelist and a powerful figure in the Trump-led White House, reassured his

Pope Francis Nettuno

Pope Makes Emotional Plea Against War

Pope Francis calls for peace, warning about impending nuclear war The pope celebrated a very emotional and teary-eyed All-Souls Day at the American Cemetery

Pope Francis Skeptical of Trump But Reserving Judgment

The Pontiff said he will form no opinion until he sees the policies America’s new president has formed. When asked about his opinion about