Movie Commentary: Harriet

Harriet Tubman – one of the most famous civilians prior to the Civil War – is today equated with the abolitionist movement in the

In His Own Words, Mind Travel by Murray Hidary

MindTravel is an immersive music and meditation experience company created by composer and concert pianist Murray Hidary (you can check him out on his

'Star Trek': 50 Years of Humanist Values

‘Star Trek’: 50 Years of Humanist Values

This article was original published in 2016. Celebrating 50 Years of Star Trek and the humanist themes within the series. Media today is full


I didn’t get it for a long time by Judy Knotts

It makes perfect sense. Still, I didn’t get it for a long time. Eventually, I learned that homeless people—at least the many, many I

The 2020 Edition of The Muslim 500

A press release put out by The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre announced: The 2020 Edition of the annual publication ‘The Muslim 500: The

Instant Christ App Photo

5 Ways Social Media Connects Religion to Younger Generations

Founder of Christian and Faith-Based Social Media Platform Offers Advice on how Social Media can Connect Younger Generations with Religion Social media is changing

10 Surprising Scientific Reasons Linked to These Hindu Traditions

Religion and science come together in these Hindu traditions that are linked to scientific explanations. 1. Throwing Coins Into A River The most widespread

From Minister to Atheist to Believer Again: The Story of Teresa MacBain

How to Widen the Eyes of Sinners By Ray Comfort

I‘ve always been desperate to reach the lost and, because of that, I’m continually pleading with God to save them. Their fate weighs heavily

New Theory on the Yazilikaya Stone Carvings

New Theory on the Yazilikaya Stone Carvings

Archeologists believe they figured out what the 3,200 rock carvings represents It is a human tendency to look up for the things which are


Transhumanism: Path to be Godlike or Ignore God’s Plan?

Transhumanism belief that by means of Science and Technology humans can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations. Are human beings on a