Scientology Network

The Church of Scientology Launches 24/7 TV Network on DirecTV

Scientology Network

The religion responds to mainstream media portrayal

The Church of Scientology is set to launch its own television channel later today on DirecTV channel 320.


On Sunday, the new Twitter account for the channel published a post saying “It’s time for us to tell our story.”

A teaser video for the network states “The only thing more interesting than what you’ve heard is what you haven’t.”

Today, the Church is advertised on the homepage and has a live countdown clock on its own YouTube Channel.
Scientology YouTube Takeover

The Scientology TV Network will begin broadcasting Monday night at 8 pm ET/5pm PT. The Scientology Twitter channel announced the network’s content will be available via many sources in addition to DirecTV, such as Scientology.TV, Google’s Chromecast, Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV, Apple TV and an app available on iTunes and Google Play.

The Scientology Network is the culmination of a plan years in the making.

When the Church of Scientology acquired the KCET Sunset Boulevard property in 2011, there was a lot of buzz about what the Church might be up to. The KCET facility, constructed in 1912, was named a historic and cultural monument in 1978. KCET acquired it in 1970.

In 2016, Scientology Media Productions was launched, which according to, is “a fully integrated digital media production center for TV, Internet and magazines, with a mission to harness the power of all media to bring real answers to the world.” Scientologists celebrated the monument, described by ecclesiastical leader David Miscavige as an “uncorrupted communication line to the billions.”

The Scientology TV network will debut with six original series, including Meet a Scientologist, Voices for Humanity, and an L. Ron Hubbard-focused show.

The Church of Scientology is no stranger to big broadcasts. Earlier this year, they ran a Super Bowl ad called “Curious?” challenging the audience to find out and discover Scientology for themselves. The 30-second ad garnered 1.2 million views on YouTube and became the most popular video on the Scientology YouTube channel. The Church has been advertising in the Super Bowl for six consecutive years.

Indeed, the Church’s foray into its own broadcasting is just as big, if not bigger than the super bowl. The Scientology religion, already largely talked about in media, is now a part of the media.

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