Documentary Showcase on Scientology Network Draws Back Curtain on World of Child Sex Trafficking by Rebecca Blair

The documentary featured on this week’s Scientology Network Documentary Showcase December 6 at 8 p.m. is Operation Toussaint, a film that reveals the stark

L. Ron Hubbard Birthday Celebration

Scientologists From Around The World Celebrate Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s Birthday

The Church of Scientology's annual celebration of their founder's birthday was held over the weekend. Scientologists from around the world converged in Clearwater, Florida

Nicky's Family Documentary

Nicky’s Family, A Documentary on a Heroic Story at the time of the Holocaust, Premieres on Scientology Network Friday

Nicky Winton saved the lives of more than 600 children who were destined for concentration camps. In a society where anti-Semitism is on the

Scientology Network

The Church of Scientology Launches 24/7 TV Network on DirecTV

The religion responds to mainstream media portrayal The Church of Scientology is set to launch its own television channel later today on DirecTV channel