Volunteer Ministers Cleaning Up

Scientologists Board Up Clearwater Storefronts Ahead of Hurricane Irma

Volunteer Ministers Cleaning Up
Volunteer Ministers cleaning up Clearwater, FL, after Hurricane Irma.
Scientology volunteers boarded up downtown storefronts to protect them from the Hurricane.

The Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers lent an extra hand to downtown Clearwater businesses by securing storefronts within the district before Hurricane Irma’s arrival.  

Scientologists Board Up Clearwater Storefronts Ahead of Hurricane Irma[/tweetthis]

Ben Shaw, spokesman for the church, said the volunteers secured 60 downtown businesses, spending 1,500 work hours. 

“When Irma changed direction on Saturday, we became very concerned about downtown and that property owners would have little time to prepare. Luckily, we had placed orders for all the plywood we could get and, just in time, a huge shipment arrived from Georgia. With that, we were able to board up every one of the downtown businesses,” commented Shaw.

One of the business owners was Alessio Zavaglia, who found the volunteers covering his storefront’s glass windows with a layer of protection as he checked his store one last time before the hurricane. He commented that the Scientology Volunteer Ministers did it out of their own volition and that it is “good for the city.”

On Monday, Volunteer Ministers started cleanup on Clearwater Beach, removing fallen trees and other debris.


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