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What Made the “What Is Scientology?” Super Bowl Ad So Popular?

Digging through the latest Scientology ad to discover its meaning. The 30-second Scientology ad that aired on Super Bowl Sunday has garnered over 1.2

Our Family Trip to Flag for Scientology Services

The reasons why people take trips to Flag are as varied as people themselves. This winter I took a trip to Clearwater, Florida with

Volunteer Ministers Cleaning Up

Scientologists Board Up Clearwater Storefronts Ahead of Hurricane Irma

Scientology volunteers boarded up downtown storefronts to protect them from the Hurricane. The Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers lent an extra hand to downtown

Scientology-Sponsored Tutoring Center Wants More Literacy and Less Crime

New Applied Scholastics Community Learning Center utilizes Study Technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard. Applied Scholastics International opened a new applied scholastics community learning