Ahmadiyya Muslims on course

Faith Leaders Learn to Help Others With Scientology Tools for Life

The Volunteer Ministers Canadian Continental Cavalcade and the Church of Scientology of Cambridge, Ontario, hosted an interfaith forum with members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim

Taking a chainsaw to fallen trees in North Carolina

One Mother’s Calling as a Disaster Response Volunteer

How one Scientologist got started as a Volunteer Minister and how it's improved her life and the lives of those around her. Kirstie is

Something Can Be Done About it Convoy

How a Utah Interfaith and Charity Coalition is Making a Difference for Hurricane Harvey Survivors

More than 200 tons of building supplies, will be donated to Rockport, TX residents Friday, September 29. With all the natural disasters that hit

Scientology Ministers helping

9/11 Never Forget

Scientologists mark 9/11 as a day to honor emergency responders, including Volunteer Ministers. September 11 is a time to honor the emergency workers who

Volunteer Ministers Cleaning Up

Scientologists Board Up Clearwater Storefronts Ahead of Hurricane Irma

Scientology volunteers boarded up downtown storefronts to protect them from the Hurricane. The Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers lent an extra hand to downtown

Hurricane Harvey

Religious Groups Responding to Hurricane Harvey

Groups are offering food and a place to sleep. Roofs blew off businesses and homes when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas on August 25. Wind

Celebrating 40 Years of Unconditional Help—the Scientology Volunteer Minister

Since the program was created in 1976 by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, Volunteer Ministers from 120 nations have responded to more than 200

Scientology Volunteer Ministers after 9/11

Looking Back on 9/11

9/11 was an act of hitherto unimaginable violence. But as we remember Ground Zero New York, let us also recall the heroism and the

How Religious Groups are Helping Ecuador Quake Victims

How Religious Groups are Helping Ecuador Quake Victims

Prayers and monetary help are pouring in from all around the world to aid the Ecuador earthquake victims. Sister Clare Theresa Crockett, before becoming

Church of Scientology Participates in the Parliament of World Religions

Church members shared the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program with those attending the Parliament of the World’s Religions, held October 15-19, 2015, in Salt Lake