Hurricane Harvey

Religious Groups Responding to Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey

Groups are offering food and a place to sleep.

Roofs blew off businesses and homes when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas on August 25. Wind speed was a lethal 130 miles per hour. The storm resulted in approximately 300,000 residents cut off from power. There was extensive flooding and thousands of homes got damaged. President Donald J. Trump declared the event a federal disaster. Drinking water supplies were arranged by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The organization also made exhaustive arrangements for other emergency supplies like sandbags. Those affected were evacuated from their coastal town homes and sent inland towards Dallas and Austin. A number of shelters were built to house these temporary climate refugees.

Religious Groups Responding to Hurricane Harvey[/tweetthis]

Those in need from Hurricane Harvey’s devastation are being helped by faith-centric groups.[/tweetit] These groups are offering aid both for short term and long term. Other groups like Texas Baptist Men and the Salvation Army are already in operation in the flooded areas. They are providing emergency services, showers and food. The Salvation Army, as per its website, is operating two field kitchens and 42 mobile kitchens to feed the hurricane victims. Disaster leadership teams have begun their operations from multiple sites like Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Houston and Galveston.

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) are presently serving those in need in Houston. As per the LDS church, it has about 348,000 members in Texas. The organization has sustained serious damage to its many chapels. However, LDS volunteers are doing their utmost to help flood affected Houston residents. It has already sent food, medical supplies, and also emergency medical supplies along with food. Missionaries have poured out to the flood affected areas to help them.

Other organizations are chipping in too.

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, an Atlanta-based organization, had issued a statement. The latter states that its disaster officials are now closely monitoring the situation unfolding in Texas. It announced its preparedness to offer support in the region when its partners ask for it.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers have responded in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, fighting floods to get to the distribution center to deliver much needed supplies. The church has also been calling for volunteers on and their social media sites to aid in the disaster relief efforts.

Catholic charities are also not holding back. Its many parishes and dioceses are moving rapidly to assist the distressed. Donations for the cause are also being received by Episcopal Relief and Development. Jewish religious organizations are now also doing utmost work for those who are affected by Harvey. A number of families uprooted by the cruel climate are presently sheltered in Robert M. Beren Academy Orthodox Jewish Day School. Similar help is being offered by the Bruceville, Texas located Union for Reform Judaism. They have set up a family camp in Bruceville.


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