Pastor Wants $100 Million Dollars to Preach Until Jesus Returns

Pastor Wants $100 Million Dollars to Preach Until Jesus Returns

Pastor Rick Wiles wants to build an end times empire The infamous Dietrich Bonhoeffer was known to have said: "When Christ calls a man,

FEMA Chruch public aid fund

FEMA Allowing Churches Destroyed by Hurricane Harvey to Apply for Aid

The Trump administration made the changes The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) under Trump administration announced a policy change on January 2, 2018. This

Something Can Be Done About it Convoy

How a Utah Interfaith and Charity Coalition is Making a Difference for Hurricane Harvey Survivors

More than 200 tons of building supplies, will be donated to Rockport, TX residents Friday, September 29. With all the natural disasters that hit

Criticized Televangelist Helps Synagogue

Criticized Televangelist Joel Osteen Helps Synagogue Affected by Hurricane

Joel Osteen Allows Celebration of Rosh Hashanah and Beth Yesharun at Lakewood Church Hurricane Harvey destroyed large swathes of Texas with high and powerful

Beyonce hurricane donation

Beyonce and Pastor Help Hurricane Harvey Victims in Houston

Pastor Rudy knew Beyonce from the days when she was just a little girl Beyonce Knowles has proven why she was given the moniker

Justin Roiland Speaking at Convention

Rick and Morty Creator Prank Calls Prayer Line

With Suprising Results. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Justin Roiland, co-creator and voice actor on the animated show Rick and Morty was

Pope Francis Hurricane Harvey

Pope Francis Sends Condolences To Victims of Hurricane Harvey

More than 35 people have died and property damage are in billions Pope Francis sent a letter expressing his sympathy for people devastated by

Church with crucifix on roof

Hurricane Harvey Sparks Church vs. State Controversy

Churches sue U.S. Government Over Funding An ongoing battle since the first amendment was passed has always been church vs state. The First Amendment

Scientology Volunteer Ministry Van

Scientology Volunteers Help With Hurricane Harvey

Working with Firefighters and Elite Search and Rescue Teams The Scientology Volunteer Ministers arrived in Rockport, Texas shortly after Hurricane Harvey had hit the

Trump Celebrating National Prayer Day

Trump Uses Religion to Fake Action on Hurricane Harvey

The US President did not do anything worthwhile President Donald Trump gave his signature to a statement declaring Sunday as National Day of Prayer[/tweetit].