Scientology Volunteer Ministry Van

Scientology Volunteers Help With Hurricane Harvey

Scientology Volunteer Ministry Van
PAUL JOSEPH is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Working with Firefighters and Elite Search and Rescue Teams

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers arrived in Rockport, Texas shortly after Hurricane Harvey had hit the area causing extensive damage to property, fatalities, and injuries to residents of the area.
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The team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers, also called VMs arrived in Rockport on 29th August at 4 am. They came under the guidance of Joava Good and rested for some hours before getting to work. She could only describe the state of the area as devastating, with trailers on trees, flooded roads, and no power, just darkness.

Joava has for decades been a Volunteer Minister, and with her team of highly experienced VMs, they drove into the city to lend a helping hand. They passed by people who recognized them as disaster relief groups, and the responses they got were great. The people would walk up to them and thank them greatly for what they were doing.

The team began work with the Rockport Fire Department, helping with receiving incoming calls and requests from people seeking their loved ones. One of the firefighters had lost his home to the hurricane and was afraid to go back to the damage. A team of VMs took charge and helped the man salvage what was left of the wreckage.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers International Headquarters arranged for finances to deliver both their team and a team of famous Mexican rescue and search specialists known as Los Topos (meaning the Moles) as well as medics to Rockport. They, together, went house to house searching for survivors or casualties.

Hurricane Harvey is estimated to have dumped 27 trillion gallons of water on Texas and Louisiana. The storm is considered the most expensive ever seen in the history of the U.S and is an estimated cost of above $190 billion.


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