Scientology Volunteer Ministry Van

Scientology Volunteers Help With Hurricane Harvey

Working with Firefighters and Elite Search and Rescue Teams The Scientology Volunteer Ministers arrived in Rockport, Texas shortly Read More

White woman wearing burka

Risky Burqa Stunt Causes Shock and Strident Response

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Under Caesar's Sword

Under Caesar’s Sword: Christian Response to Persecution

Global research on Christian survival strategies Three academic institutions joined to find out which Christians are the most Read More

Father Speaking to Daughter

New Study Reveals Fascinating Facts on Christian Parents and…

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Trump Celebrating National Prayer Day

Trump Uses Religion to Fake Action on Hurricane Harvey

The US President did not do anything worthwhile President Donald Trump gave his signature to a statement declaring Read More

Mat Staver treated like Jew in Nazi Germany

Anti-Gay Group Compares Critics to Nazis

Mat Staver alleged a lack of morals and integrity in present day US Head of the anti-LGBTQ group Read More

Exclusive Interview with Peter Scott: AI, Faith, and the…

With a large enough view of the universe and God's role, there is room within religion for artificial Read More