Mat Staver treated like Jew in Nazi Germany

Anti-Gay Group Compares Critics to Nazis

Mat Staver treated like Jew in Nazi Germany
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Mat Staver alleged a lack of morals and integrity in present day US

Head of the anti-LGBTQ group Liberty Counsel, Mat Staver compared anti-gay groups in present day United States with Jews in Nazi Germany[/tweetit]. Known for his hyperbole, Staver outdid his earlier verbal exploits of comparing abortion to 'genocide' and calling the Boy Scouts as pedophiles' playground.

Anti-Gay Group Compares Critics to Nazis[/tweetthis]

Staver made his recent comment in an interview with the Crosstalk radio program as curated by VCY America. He complained about being on the list comprising of anti-gay hate groups. He claimed that the list, put together by Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), comes after them simply for being Christian.

Several years ago, the SPLC began adding anti-gay groups to its list of hate groups and Liberty Counsel is on that list. The former took the decision to label them based on propagation of falsehoods. The organization has clarified that viewing homosexuality as not biblical does not make any organization or person to make the list. However, even this disclaimer has not stopped the many anti-LGBTQ groups that has made into the SPLC list to claim that they are included in the list simply as they oppose marriage equality.

Staver, in his Crosstalk interview, said that even though the SPLC have knowledge of anti-LGBTQ groups being non-violent, they include them in the list. He continued, saying that these anti-LGBTQ groups are Christian organizations, and oppose any form of violence or hatred. The only dis-agreement, he claims are on marriage related issues.

The head of Liberty Counsel uttered his most infamous comparison (until now) when Jim Schneider, the program host, asked how far the United States would permit this state of affairs. “I think that’s a question that everyone listening here needs to answer. I think we’ve crossed the line and we can’t let this go any further. We’ve got to push back, it cannot happen like this. You know, if you go back into the 1930s, what ultimately happened back then with the Jews—and history, you know, there’s other histories you can point to—but they began to ultimately ban Jews from public employment, then ban Jews from their private employment, then put a Star of David on their ID and a Star of David on their passport, restrict their travel, restrict their income opportunity, and eventually you know what happened, we had to fight a World War II over that issue.”

There is one problem with his tirade: he lent his support towards the travel ban pushed by Trump on citizens of seven Muslim majority countries. Ironically, he also complained about lack of integrity and morals along with coarsening of discourse.


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