Religious News From Around the Web July 27, 2020

Biden Would Revoke Muslim Ban, Virtual Chaplains Help Oncology Patients, Dangerous Shinto Celebrations, Jewish History in Europe, Latest Supreme Court Ruling Goes Against Church,

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New Bill Seeks to Overturn Trump “Muslim Ban”

Some time back, on June 28, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Presidential Proclamation 9645 which restricted immigration from eight countries – Libya, Iran,

With Pressure from Trump Israel Bans Reps. Omar and Tlaib from Entering the Country

Reps. Omar and Tlaib Denounce Israel’s Travel Restrictions After Being Denied Entry

Bernie Sanders says it's a sign of enormous disrespect. In a stunning move that is reverberating throughout the international community, Israel has banned Reps.

2020 Presidential Candidates Are Visiting Mosques

2020 Presidential Candidates Are Visiting Mosques

It has been rare for presidential candidates to visit a mosque on the campaign trail. The concerns of Muslim Americans were discussed by Washington

Trump Will Host Ramadan Dinner Tomorrow After Skipping Last Year

Following Years of Anti-Muslim Comments, Trump Will Host Ramadan Dinner Tomorrow

Trump is hosting his first iftar celebration President Donald Trump will be hosting his first iftar dinner at the White House tomorrow.[/tweetit] This action

Trump’s Attorney Make Baffling Error About Islam To Supreme Court

Trump’s Attorney Makes Baffling Error About Islam To Supreme Court

Noel Francisco Doesn’t Seem To Know If Islam Is A Religion Or A Country Noel Francisco, the Solicitor General in the Trump administration, made

Mat Staver treated like Jew in Nazi Germany

Anti-Gay Group Compares Critics to Nazis

Mat Staver alleged a lack of morals and integrity in present day US Head of the anti-LGBTQ group Liberty Counsel, Mat Staver compared anti-gay

Two-Thirds of Evangelicals Think That Muslims Don’t Belong in America

US Muslims are apprehensive about Islamic extremism in the U.S. As U.S. society slowly goes secular, a report published by the Pew Research Center

Christian Refugees Landing in America Over the Previous Decades Are Now Targets for Deportation

President Trump's strict enforcement of refugee deportation hits his administration's concern for Christian refugees. An analysis of refugee data published by the U.S. State

Muslim Dating Apps See a Surge in Membership After Trump’s Election

Muslims are finding love online President Trump spent a lot of time preaching against Islam during his campaign. Forty-five days after being sworn in,