Trump Celebrating National Prayer Day

Trump Uses Religion to Fake Action on Hurricane Harvey

via video screenshot
via video screenshot

The US President did not do anything worthwhile

President Donald Trump gave his signature to a statement declaring Sunday as National Day of Prayer[/tweetit]. The prayers will be uttered for Hurricane Harvey victims and also for people who are spearheading response along with recovery efforts.

Trump Uses Religion to Fake Action on Hurricane Harvey[/tweetthis]

Hurricane Harvey reached the United States landmass near Rockport, Texas on August 25, 2017. The Category 4 storm had devastated communities across two states- Louisiana and Texas, uprooting many lives. Thousands of homes were destroyed, and inflicted countless injuries. President Trump said that the entire U.S. grieves with Louisiana and Texas. He expressed gratefulness for those who are helping others in need. He also said that he is praying so that those in need can be comforted and healed.

President Trump said the calamity calls for remembrance of the promise told in the scriptures: God is a person's strength and also refuge. The almighty helps everyone when they are in trouble. Donald Trump added that he and wife Melania are both grateful to every person devoting their time, resources and effort to rebuilding and recovery efforts. The president invited every American to join them as the first couple continue praying for people who have suffered a grave loss of friends and family. He is also engaged in prayer for those who continue to suffer due to this calamity.

For all practical purposes, President Donald Trump could have simply given his signature to a blank sheet. He will have achieved the exact same thing. The obnoxious thing is the way he terminated the signing ceremony. Trump asked his Evangelical Advisory Board members for praise. It seemed that he has done something of note. Post the document signing, Trump looked at the pastors’ present, pointed towards a specific few, and wordlessly asked them to audibly praise him. Seven of them even obliged.

If the U.S. President actually wanted to help, he could have dedicated Sunday to National Volunteering or climate change or even donation towards relief efforts. Better he could have signed the million dollar check he had earlier promised to personally donate. This money shows no sign of coming. Even if the money surfaces, there will be a chance that the donation will come from the foundation he heads. This means he is effectively giving away other people's money. To put it short, President Trump simply pretended to help people.


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