Beyonce hurricane donation

Beyonce and Pastor Help Hurricane Harvey Victims in Houston

Beyonce hurricane donation
By Nat Ch Villa (Flickr: [1]) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Pastor Rudy knew Beyonce from the days when she was just a little girl

Beyonce Knowles has proven why she was given the moniker Queen Bey. The singer, who is originally from Houston, returned to St. John's United Church during the second week of September to meet the victims of Hurricane Harvey. St. John's United Church incidentally was the church she attended during her childhood.

Beyonce and Pastor Help Hurricane Harvey Victims in Houston[/tweetthis]

Two Carter women, other than Queen Bey herself, comprising of Tina Knowles, Beyonce's mother, and Blue Ivy, her daughter, visited Houston on September 8. All of them paid a visit to the St. John's United Methodist Church. They offered support for people devastated by Hurricane Harvey. This hurricane was classified as Category 4.

The talented singer said to the audience that all of them are her family, and she thanked God that they are safe and their children are safe too. The thing which really matters is their health and also the health of their children and family and their lives as well. She said that she just wanted to say that she loved them.

E! has reported that St. John's Pastor Rudy Rasmus admitting that Beyonce has made a sizable donation prior to her arrival. It is speculation that the money was channeled through her #BeyGOOD non-profit.

Beyonce and BeyGOOD, her foundation, partnered with Pastor Rudy's Bread of Life Inc. a non-profit and non-sectarian organization. The entity was started nearly 25 years back via the St. John's Methodist Church. It was created for the specific aim of responding to disasters and crises like Hurricane Harvey.

For Beyonce, it was not the first time she has worked in tandem with the pastor. They had worked on a number of global outreach initiatives, including the highly publicized food programs and anti-hunger campaigns. All of them were made in conjunction with the concert tours.

For Pastor Rudy, his relationship with the singer goes a long way back. He said that he knew her from the time she was a little girl. He knew Matthew Knowles and Tina Knowles Lawson, her mother, and father, from the time before Beyonce was born. The pastor said that the singer is a generous supporter and an amazing friend. He added that the singer has helped his organization to do significant work in Houston. The pastor added that it is clear that Beyonce is fully committed to recovery efforts as a result of the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.


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