Preschoolers Sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ as a Tornado Tears the Roof off

Preschoolers Sing “Jesus Loves Me” as a Tornado Tears Roof Off School

Only one injury was suffered A group of 40 preschoolers attended by ten staff members sang "Jesus loves me" during a tornado going through

Stop Saying Storms are God's Wills

Stop Saying Natural Disasters Are God’s Will

People Don't Know Motivations of God People have lost their minds. Case in point, Kirk Cameron made a video claiming the devastating hurricanes the

Chainsaw-Wielding Nun Cleaning Up After Hurricane [Video]

In dire times, it is necessary to take extreme steps to help those in need Labelled as category 5, Hurricane Irma was one of

Preacher thinks he diverted hurricane

Preacher Thinks His Prayers Changed Hurricane Irma’s Path

Was it an intervention by God or a matter of time? You might have heard this popular saying “faith can move mountains.” Well, in

Scientology Volunteer Ministers serving meals

Over 1,700 Meals Donated by Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Florida

Volunteer Ministers donated hot meals, ice, and water on Wednesday to help the community recover from Hurricane Irma. The Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers

Volunteer Ministers Cleaning Up

Scientologists Board Up Clearwater Storefronts Ahead of Hurricane Irma

Scientology volunteers boarded up downtown storefronts to protect them from the Hurricane. The Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers lent an extra hand to downtown

Pope Francis Prays for Italy’s Earthquake Victims

Pope Francis issued a statement of prayer for Italy's earthquake victims. Pope Francis issued a statement Wednesday about the earthquake in central Italy wherein

FLDS Members and Former Members Put Differences Aside to Search for Missing People in Disaster

Religious divisions get overlooked in attempt to save victims of flood disaster. On Monday night, Utah was hit by a deadly flash flood which

Kathmandu Tent Shelter

Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers provide shelter for homeless in earthquake-stricken Nepal

Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers are providing disaster relief in Nepal, which is still in a state of chaos after deadly and destructive earthquakes in April.