Preacher thinks he diverted hurricane

Preacher Thinks His Prayers Changed Hurricane Irma’s Path

Via video screeshot
Via video screeshot

Was it an intervention by God or a matter of time?

You might have heard this popular saying “faith can move mountains.” Well, in this story, right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau believes he and his followers had a role to play in diverting the path of the Hurricane Irma.[/tweetit]

Preacher Thinks His Prayers Changed Hurricane Irma’s Path[/tweetthis]

With the help of Periscope, Lance Wallnau had been streaming videos, praying to God and asking him to change the path of the hurricane away from Florida. Despite Lance Wallnau and his follower’s strong faith in the Lord, it couldn’t do much in stopping the level 5 category hurricane from hitting the coasts of Florida. The hurricane caused billions of dollars of damage, displaced thousands of people and killed some of them in the state of Florida. Hurricane Irma was nothing short of devastating because of its impact on the coast of Florida.

However, Lance Wallnau believed the efforts made by him and his followers were enough to make Hurricane Irma change its path. He even released a new video to thank God for listening to their prayers and taking appropriate action to resolve the ongoing problem with the hurricane.

In the video, Lance Wallnau said, “I’m happy for what we were able to see happen with the hurricane in Florida. I’m telling you, this hurricane went where the Everglades is instead of where Miami is. It’s like, boom, prayer moved it.”

He also said, “It went from a category five to a four to a three to a two to a one. It’s an amazing intervention of God and we have to praise God.” He continued, “We have to take our place to protect the nation and that is exactly what we did. They may say we’re crazy — hey, they said I was crazy when I prophesied Trump; I’m telling you we were not crazy when we were dealing with the hurricane.”

However, Lance Wallnau did acknowledge the fact that Hurricane Irma did strike the coast of Florida. He was about to pray for Jacksonville because of the flooding but realized that he didn’t have to worry about it as it was on the East Coast. There are a lot of scientific facts which show why the hurricane slowed down and how it becomes easier to predict hurricanes as time goes on, allowing people to evacuate before disaster strikes.


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