Chainsaw-Wielding Nun Cleaning Up After Hurricane [Video]


In dire times, it is necessary to take extreme steps to help those in need

Labelled as category 5, Hurricane Irma was one of the most powerful storms in the history of the Atlantic to hit Florida. The Florida Keys and areas along the south-west coast were the ones that were badly affected by the 130 mph winds of Hurricane Irma.

Chainsaw-Wielding Nun Cleaning Up After Hurricane [Video][/tweetthis]

Throughout the states of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, people were more than happy to see the first responders. After all, Hurricane Irma only left destruction in its wake, disrupting the lives of everybody in these states.

When you think of first responders, you will think about paramedics, firefighters, and police in general. However, there was one person who managed to catch the eye of the internet, thanks to her extreme measures to help the people of Florida.

After the Miami-Dade Police Department showed Twitter a picture of Sister Margaret Ann holding a chainsaw[/tweetit], she went viral.

The principal of Archbishop F. Carroll High School, located in West Kendall, Florida is the best example anyone can think of when it comes to using any means necessary to help those in need. Hurricane Irma took out dozens of trees, of which one of them was near her school. According to her, a truck almost crashed into the down tree, which made her take extreme steps to clear it out.

The nun knew that there was a chainsaw in the closet of the school and was aware of the extent of damage caused by Hurricane Irma. Wasting no time at all, Sister Margaret Ann grabbed the chainsaw and went to help out the first responders.

She told CNN’s OutFront, “We teach our students: Do what you can to help other people, don’t think of yourselves.” True to their teachings, she did her best to help the people of Florida.

Her school also had to face the wrath of Hurricane Irma as it took down the wall, a large number of trees, and the school’s air conditioner. Hurricane Irma has broken all types of meteorological records because of its intensity. As a result of this, Sister Margaret doesn’t have any idea when her school might reopen.

The video of Sister Margaret Ann was captured by a police officer who was off-duty. The police officer informed her that city officials would soon arrive to clean up the destruction of Hurricane Irma. She said, “And I said, but it’s going to take them too long and it’s dangerous, people are going to get hurt here.”


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