Preschoolers Sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ as a Tornado Tears the Roof off

Preschoolers Sing “Jesus Loves Me” as a Tornado Tears Roof Off School

Preschoolers Sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ as a Tornado Tears the Roof off

Only one injury was suffered

A group of 40 preschoolers attended by ten staff members sang “Jesus loves me” during a tornado going through their school.[/tweetit] The roof of Mt. Zion Baptist Church and Day Care was ripped off its foundations by the tornado which went through five miles in Paducah, Kentucky. It was a miracle that the sole room where the roof remained untouched was the space where the children and their staff were gathered. Multiple buildings were damaged by the tornado, including the 50-year-old Mt. Zion Baptist Church. There was only one individual who suffered an injury, but it was a non-life threatening one.

Preschoolers Sing “Jesus Loves Me” as a Tornado Tears Roof Off School[/tweetthis]

Michelle Rushing, director of Mt. Zion Baptist Day Care, told the media she and her staff immediately implemented the evacuation plan as soon as they received the tornado warning notification. The staff quickly took all the children into the building’s designated safe room. The tornado came rushing in only 10 minutes later. The fierce winds then proceeded to damage every room in the Mt. Zion Church except the room containing the children and church staff. The preschoolers at the time were frightened, but the staff members quietened their fears by singing Bible-themed songs. Other than “Jesus loves me,” the preschoolers and the staff also sang “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.”

When the staff and the preschoolers emerged from their shelter after the storm had abated, they discovered both the sanctuary and the nursery were destroyed. The only room left unscathed was the one they took refuge in. Rushing claimed that God helped to keep every occupant in the church safe. Such an opinion was shared by a member of the church, Sylvia Cherry. She said only God kept them safe from the tornado.

The Mt. Zion Baptist Church will soon be reconstructed back to its original stature. This was confirmed by Wes Conner, a senior pastor of the institution. He said he has already begun to work on church rebuilding plans. Church services continue to be held but in another part of the same building. He pointed out that a church consists of people, and not a structure. With help from God, he reassured the congregation, the building can be reconstructed. The local public was requested by the authorities to avoid the immediate area as workers cleared downed trees and fixed utility lines.


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