Michigan Sikhs honor lives lost in last year’s attack


Only a year ago, 6 people were killed in Wisconsin while worshiping in a hate attack. Members of a Michigan Sikh community were out in full force recently to not only remember lives lost but also to promote their message of peace and service to their community. They teamed up with Kids Against Hunger and packaged over 20,000 meals to be delivered in the local community as well as around the world. Many believe that this will not only help the community recover from the recent attack but also help promote the spiritual ideals that encompass everything the Sikhs believe which is centered on love, faith and service to fellow man.

For those unfamiliar with the Sikhs, their religion encompasses 30 million practitioners centered mostly in India and Pakistan but widely practiced throughout the world. As the fifth largest religion in the world, they believe that there is one God who is all knowing, encompassing all things, and unseen to mankind. Sikhs believe that by rejecting all things evil, seeking only to do good and serving all fellow man will help them in the realization of truth, which is the highest of all things. This community event hopefully brought a better understanding as to who and what the Sikhs are as well as some healing to the community in general.

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