Mahsa Amini

Kurdish-Iranian Woman Who Died in Police Custody Awarded EU Human Rights Prize

The European Union has honored a 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian woman with its highest human rights award after her death in Iran last year triggered global

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Pakistan’s Debut in the Miss Universe Contest Sparks Outrage

A Pakistani contender for next month’s Miss Universe beauty pageant has ignited a controversy in her traditionally conservative Muslim-majority homeland. Not only is she

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Crowds Assault Churches in Pakistan Following Allegations of Quran Desecration

Hundreds of men attacked Christian communities and torched churches in a town in Pakistan on August 16 following accusations against two Christians of desecrating

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Mob Kills Cleric Accused of Blasphemy During Political Rally in Pakistan

Less than three months after an irate mob stormed a police station in Pakistan and killed a man accused of blasphemy, a cleric became

Blasphemy a Capital Offense in Some Countries, Expunged in Others

In 1988 Salmon Rushdie published The Satanic Verses, a book which Muslims thought disparaged Islam. Riots broke out in Muslim countries, and shortly thereafter,

WRN News from Around the Web: Shinto Emperor, Mormons Leave Mexico, Pakistan-India Cooperation, Religious Statues Beheaded, IM God, Catholic Anti-Abuse Hotline, Military Chaplains

Japanese Emperor Performs Shinto Ceremony Amid Controversy Japanese Emperor Naruhito performed the Daijosai, an ancient Shinto ceremony said to transform the emperor by joining

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Compares Christian Persecution to Knife Crimes in the UK

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Compares Christian Persecution to Knife Crimes in the UK

2.5 million Christians have faced persecution in Pakistan The foreign minister of Pakistan has dismissed accusations of Christian persecution in Pakistan. The minister claims

Islamic Extremists Pledge to Pursue Asia Bibi in Canada

After nine years on death row in Pakistan she has finally arrived in Canada Asia Bibi, a Christian who spent an agonizing nine years

Pakistan Will Restore and Return 400 Hindu Temples

Pakistan Will Restore and Return 400 Hindu Temples

Two temples will be restored every year. The Imran Khan led Pakistani administration has decided to reopen Hindu temples in the predominantly Muslim country.

Canada Offers Asylum to Pakistani Christian Woman Asia Bibi

After eight years on death row, Asia Bibi is being blocked from leaving the country. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed on November 11