Flag of Pakistan

Mob Kills Cleric Accused of Blasphemy During Political Rally…

Less than three months after an irate mob stormed a police station in Pakistan and killed a man Read More

Holi Festival

Pakistan Higher Education Commission Reverses Restriction on Hindu Festival

In the face of stiff public criticism, an education body in Pakistan that prohibited a Hindu religious festival Read More

Muslim Leader Urges Unity and Peace; Addresses Immigration Crisis

Islam advocates that true concept of peace through justice is linked with recognition of God. In today's world Read More

An Ahmadi Muslim’s Response to the Most Recent Travel…

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Celebrating 4th of July as an American Muslim

As proud Americans, 4th of July is a special day for all of us. We celebrate July 4th Read More

Shehla Ahmad

A Recent Decision by Pakistan’s High Court to Require…

The court wants every citizen of Pakistan to declare their “true faith” to the government. The recent decision Read More

Geneva’s Burkini Ban Infringes on Basic Human Rights

It has been disappointing to read that in a recent move, the Geneva City Council has banned burkini Read More


Muslims Deeply Respect Mary (Peace Be On Her)

Maryam (Mary) is a very popular name for Muslim girls. Maryam is the Arabic translation for the name Read More

A Muslim Response To The Texas Shooting

Islam lays great emphasis on protecting houses of worship belonging to people of all faiths. I was deeply Read More

Muslim Man Praying for Shehla Ahmad article on Islam and Peace

Islam’s Message of Equality

Religion Stands Against Divisions What we saw in August in Charlottesville, VA was truly heartbreaking. Heather Heyer lost Read More