Geneva’s Burkini Ban Infringes on Basic Human Rights

It has been disappointing to read that in a recent move, the Geneva City Council has banned burkini from swimming pools and made it mandatory for women to have bare arms and legs while swimming in public.

Geneva’s Burkini Ban Infringes on Basic Human Rights[/tweetthis]

This decision is not merely a ban on modest clothing. It is much beyond that. It is infringement on the basic human rights which allow every individual to dress as they may choose. It’s also a violation of religious freedoms based upon which every individual should be able to dress in accordance with his/her religious beliefs.

I find it incomprehensible how can anyone oppose forced hijab-wearing, but support that another dress code be legally enforced on people when it is explicitly known to be against their wishes?

It can only be hoped that the Geneva City Council reconsiders and reverses their decision. Highlighting and reinforcing what we all share in common is the best approach in every matter. Respecting everyone’s freedom is one such thing.


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