Making History! Sports Illustrated Features Burkini Model

Halima Aden has a few global firsts to her credit Halima Aden, the Somali-American model, created history again when her hijab and burkini clad

Geneva’s Burkini Ban is A Human Rights Violation

City is using false rhetoric to promote government sponsored discrimination against muslims Geneva. A city proud of its distinction as a global hub for

Geneva’s Burkini Ban Infringes on Basic Human Rights

It has been disappointing to read that in a recent move, the Geneva City Council has banned burkini from swimming pools and made it


What Can You Wear to the Beach if Your Religion Insists on Modesty?

Clothing creates controversy in some religions. Several religions propagate the idea of modesty in dress, especially when it comes to women. Muslims have a

Lindsay Lohan Photographed Wearing a Burkini in Thailand

Pictures create a stir on the Internet; fans give mixed reactions to the pictures. Speculations about Lindsay Lohan’s change of faith may spike up

History Made as Muslim Woman Competes in Hijab for Miss Minnesota

Halima Aden, a Muslim woman, is challenging women's beauty standards in America as a contestant for Miss Minnesota USA. A 19-year-old woman is the

Burkini Ban Lifted, but Shock of Islamophobia Remains

Burkini Ban Lifted, but Shock of Islamophobia Remains

Photos and videos of French policemen fining or forcing Muslim women to remove their garments show a frightening development in France. The world was

France Bans Muslim Burkini

France issues ban on Muslim swimwear, or the "Burkini" in the midst of Islamist violence. There was sudden pandemonium on the authorities of Cannes