John Legend to play jesus in live television musical

John Legend Will Be Jesus In Live TV Musical

NBC Airing Live Version of Jesus Christ Superstar For Easter Theater and television will come together in NBC’s Read More

Mom sues school for promoting Chrsitianity

Mom Suing School for Promoting Christianity

The school teaches evolution is a "fairytale". Christy Cole, the mother of Kaylee Cole, filed a case against Read More

Quaker George Fox

How Quakers Celebrate Christmas

Celebrations if any, are subdued. Quakers do not believe Christmas is a special day among all other holidays Read More

Geneva’s Burkini Ban Infringes on Basic Human Rights

It has been disappointing to read that in a recent move, the Geneva City Council has banned burkini Read More

First female bishop of London

CoE Appoints First Female Bishop of London

Sarah Mullally was a nurse before becoming a priest. Sarah Mullally has been appointed to the post of Read More