Mom sues school for promoting Chrsitianity

Mom Suing School for Promoting Christianity

Mom sues school for promoting Chrsitianity

The school teaches evolution is a “fairytale”.

Christy Cole, the mother of Kaylee Cole, filed a case against Webster Parish School District on December 18. She is being helped by American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in her quest to free her daughter from the pervasive and unconstitutional Christian promotions in schools. Her case contains in detail over 30 particular incidents of religion's unconstitutional use within the primary educational system. Science teachers have even termed evolution a “fairy tale.” The school concerned is Lakeside Junior/Senior High School.

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The case was filed in Western Louisiana's U.S. District Court by a lawyer acting on behalf of ACLU of Louisiana. The defendants in the case are Denny Finley, the principal of the school, and Johnny Rowland, a superintendent of the concerned district school board. As per the lawsuit, Christy Cole was a Baptist born and raised. She is deeply offended and objects to the conduct pursued by the defendants. The reason for this is the school action promotes a belief system that her daughter does not subscribe to, and promotes religious favorites. The school action also co-opts the mother's faith for official government purposes. Her role is also usurped.

The defendants declined to comment when the media reached out to them. It is alleged in the lawsuit that a longstanding custom and policy of Webster Parish School is the promotion and subsequent inculcation of a number of Christian religious beliefs through the sponsoring of religious activities. Students of the school were recipients of religious messages. A number of methods were adopted to do the same, including the broadcast of daily prayers over the school speakers.

When it comes to Kaylee Cole, the student affected by religious proselytizing, she was born and raised Baptist and also Methodist. However, as per the lawsuit, she now considers herself as an agnostic. The lawsuit papers noted that the girl was ostracized by her classmates and also mocked by teachers for questioning religious doctrine. This has made her distraught, upset, depressed, and exhausted.

The school's science teachers told the students of the senior class-where Ana Lopez-Cole, Kaylee's older sister studies, that evolution is a kind of “fairytale.” The teachers, instead, told their students to believe in the concept of Adam and Eve. Bruce Hamilton, the lawyer working for ACLU, and who filed Cole's lawsuit said that students of Webster Parish school have been subjected to extreme religious indoctrination. This violates the American Constitution.


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