Mary Magdalene film

New ‘Mary Magdalene’ Movie with Joaquin Phoenix & Rooney…

'Mary Magdalene' is to released during Easter weekend 2018. Mary Magdalene, a film which many thought might win Read More

UK Politicians Want To Ban Franklin Graham

UK Politicians Want To Ban Evangelical Franklin Graham

Graham is Coming For A Speech, accused of spreading hate A number of United Kingdom Members of Parliament, Read More

Will You Be the Journalist Who Covers Scientology Right?

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Muslims Deeply Respect Mary (Peace Be On Her)

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Legal Battle Over Catholic Church Selling Headstones

Legal Debate Over Whether Catholic Church Can Sell Headstones

The church said the state is acting in an irrational manner. Michael Shipp, a US District Judge, is Read More

Bannon Calls Out Romney on military service

Bannon Mocks Romney for Using Religion to Get Out…

Ironically, Bannon himself did not serve in the Vietnam War Stephen Bannon, once a political strategist at the Read More