Muslim Leader Urges Unity and Peace; Addresses Immigration Crisis


Islam advocates that true concept of peace through justice is linked with recognition of God.

In today's world where conflicts are rising and wars or unrest are spreading, our own future and that of coming generations needs our immediate attention. Unfortunately, with scientific advancements, nuclear technology in particular, wars can be deadly for humanity. The world today more than ever needs a message of peace, specifically peace through justice since peace cannot prevail unless there is absolute justice.

This is the everlasting principle provided by the Holy Qur’an which is reiterated by a man of God, His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, who is successor of the Messiah of the age, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, India (1889-1908). This divine succession began on May 27, 1908 and currently we have the fifth successor.

We all look for peace in our personal, professional, or family lives and in the societies we live in. Peace through justice applies in every situation.

Islam advocates that true concept of peace through justice is linked with recognition of God – the Lord of all the worlds.

“Day by day mankind is moving further away from religion and spirituality and the results are terrifying. It is my firm conviction that belief in God Almighty is the only means of salvation and the only way to bring about true peace both at a national and international level,” said his Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad.

His Holiness has been encouraging his followers to attain peace at the personal level by getting closer to God and through serving humanity. On another occasion he said, “May our prayers be filled with emotion, sincerity and deep anguish seeking the love and nearness of God the Almighty. May our hearts melt before our Lord when we bow down before Him.”

God listens to the prayers of one who is sincere. A person cannot love God without loving His creation.

“… God the Almighty says that the worship of those people who do not care for their fellow men will never be accepted and such prayers are merely superficial,” his Holiness added.

His Holiness being the successor is upholding the purpose of the advent of the Promised Messiah and Mahdi Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (peace be on him) who proclaimed that his advent was meant to promote peace and unite mankind.

His Holiness shared his guidance through a landmark address on Europe’s immigration crisis:

“Society should not reject genuine refugees who are suffering through no fault of their own. Society should not cast aside innocent people who only want the opportunity to live in peace and who desire to be good citizens and follow the laws of the land in which they live. Instead, we should be there to give a helping hand to those whose lives have been broken, who have been tormented and who are utterly helpless, vulnerable and defenseless. Let us prove our humanity. Let us show our compassion. Let us be there to shoulder the burdens of those who are in desperate need.”

His Holiness was also considerate of the fears and apprehensions of the local population. He added:

“People who have lived their lives and paid their taxes in a country, are justified to ask whether it is fair that their contributions to the State are spent on resettling foreign immigrants, as opposed to funding projects that are beneficial to existing citizens.”

Justice with the rights of all citizens is the key. His Holiness said, “…every government should implement sensible and fair policies that keep in mind the rights and requirements of citizens and immigrants alike.”

Being the Caliph of the Messiah, his message is aimed to bring people of diverse backgrounds together in love. His Holiness has been highlighting this subject for many years not only through his speeches and sermons but in his meetings and via letters addressed to the world leaders. He said, “Our religion seeks to bring people together through love and dialogue and never through force or fear.”

Whenever the Community builds a new Mosque, his message to the Community and neighbors is always of the assurance that this mosque will always be a welcoming place for all.

“We consider it a great favor of this town and its people that they have enabled us to build this Mosque… We will never forget this favor and consider it our religious duty to care for the people in this community, to be loyal to this nation and to be ever ready for your service and to offer our help and assistance wherever and whenever it is needed,” his Holiness mentioned.

His Holiness emphasizes the need of serving those in need purely on humanitarian grounds.

“Bringing relief to others and alleviating the physical and mental suffering of mankind is our mission and an integral part of our faith… We do not consider that we are doing them a favor, rather by enabling us to fulfil our duties to serve others, they are helping us.”

He added, “This is true Islam. It is a religion of compassion and benevolence and a religion that seeks to knock down the walls of injustice that divide us through the power of love and humanity.”

He has been warning for some time that we are living in critical times. His Holiness said:

“If we are to leave behind a legacy of hope for our children, and bequeath a peaceful world to our future generations, we, irrespective of our religion or beliefs, need to urgently change our priorities. Instead of being consumed by materialism and a desire for power, every nation, whether rich or poor, must prioritize the peace and security of the entire world above all else. Instead of embarking on an arms race, leading to death and destruction, we must join the race to save and protect humanity.”

He keeps on urging all to work towards peace and for peace for all. His Holiness added, “Our faith demands us to try and urge people, in all parts of the world, whether rich or poor, whether powerful or oppressed, whether religious or irreligious, towards peace and justice.”

It is my hope the world will pay heed to this much needed message and appeal urging peace, justice, and love for all.


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