Muslim Leader Urges Unity and Peace; Addresses Immigration Crisis

Islam advocates that true concept of peace through justice is linked with recognition of God. In today's world where conflicts are rising and wars

A Path Towards Peace or Provocation?

Jerusalem. A legendary city anchored in all three of the Abrahamic faiths. A city that unites us spiritually yet sadly divides us politically. On

Jalsa Salana

Jalsa Salana Muslim Convention Highlights Positive Contributions to Society

Jalsa Salana U.S.A. National Islamic Convention: promoting spirituality and peace News reports of multiple tragic incidents of violence and terrorism in Germany, France, Belgium,

The Muslim World Needs an Islamic State of Mind, Not Territory

Confronted by this dangerous crisis of leadership, what is the majority of the Muslim community to do if it cannot rely on its leadership?

Fareed Ahmad United Against Extremism

After Glasgow Murder, United Against Extremism Peace Campaign Launches

Glasgow's Ahmadiyya Muslim Community launches peace campaign United Against Extremism. It was a grey, overcast day when the planned United Against Extremism campaign launch

Ahmadiyya Muslim Leader: Bottom Line – We Need to Help Refugees

His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad provided thorough guidance on the subject of mass migration from Syria during an interview with Dutch media last

Religions Speak up on Paris Tragedy and War Against Terror

Religions Speak up on Paris Tragedy and War Against Terror

Following the Paris terror attacks, religious organizations express solidarity with France on social media. As the world struggles to make sense of the November

SAhmad Dutch Parliament

Justice Is Needed In Society To Achieve World Peace

During an address to the Dutch Parliament, Khalifa of Islam says the answers to the critical issue of world peace can be found in

S Ahmad Stephen Harper

Watch Canadian PM on Islam Faith’s Message of Peace Not Terror

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivers puts spotlight on the distinction between ISIS and Islam at an Ahmadiyya Muslim Community event. It was a

Caliph Condemns Use Of Nuclear Weapons And Warns Against War At Convention Attended By Over 35,000 Muslims

Three day Islamic convention in Hampshire, UK, also included a religious artifacts exhibition and a lecture by Turin Shroud expert Barrie Schwortz. The Caliph